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Exterior Siding. 

Hardie Siding

James Hardie offers a variety of different siding options including: Hardie Plank Lap Siding; Hardie Shingle Siding; and HardiePanel Vertical Siding.  Depending on the style and overall desired look you are hoping to achieve, Hanson & Sons will give your siding choice a personal and unique finished look.  With dozens of colour options to choose from, we will ensure that your Hardie siding is custom fit and installed to perfection!     

HardieBacker Cement Boards

These water resistant boards are rated high in customer standards and reviews.  They are made specifically to serve as an underlay in damp and wet locations such as bathroom, kitchen, and basement areas.  Installing this in your home can put your mind at ease by ensuring any room a lifetime warranty of dryness.  

Hardie Soffit Panels

Softfit Panels are available in two options: vented and smooth profiles.  These panels are designed for completing the overall look of your home by covering both the roof eaves and exterior ceiling elements.  We ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing while completing various code requirements in your location.

Hardie Trim Boards

Trim boards are the final stage of Hardie products, designed to complete the look of your home.  They are available in a variety of stylish textures and colours while offering a supreme protection against exterior elements. Hanson & Sons takes pride in these final steps and pays particular attention to detail in ensuring that every boards placement is precise.  Let us show you our expertise!

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